Smartphone Wars: Android vs. iPhone

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As the battle between which device is better – Android or iPhone rages on, I wanted to share with you some of the differences between the two to give you another perspective on a very intriguing debate in the smartphone wars.

Android devices for one are faced with many difficulties in the choice of applications with some not being able to access some applications due to having lower android software versions. The fact that many Google play applications are free comes as a plus to users as they are able to access more software submitted by developers. Apple iPhone users most of the time are charged in order to gain access to the applications on the devices market. Apple iPhone offers a better gaming platform for users with the devices dominating the mobile video gaming market and the iPod touch, a market which was controlled by Sony PSP and Nintendo games before. The developments in that sector indicate that the iPhone may soon overtake Nintendo and Sony. Due to the fact that most android devices offer free software, this has discouraged developers from submitting their games to the market and thus Android device users are left with few choices in their gaming market. This has given the iPhone an edge over its competitor as they have a high array of games from which device users can choose from. Android devices in the market have also come with different internal and operating memory spaces. Most of these devices are equipped with low devices memory which limits the number of applications that users can have installed in their devices. The iPhone on the other hand has a high internal memory space which ensures that users can install as many applications as they want to. Both devices have offered excellent GPS navigation systems which can be used by travelers to avoid getting lost. Battery life between the two different devices also varies.

Earlier in the production days, the iPhone was producing devices that needed daily charging but the latest releases have defied this trait and the batteries are able to last for several days. Android device’s batteries depend on the make of the phone that an individual is using as different manufacturers offer different battery standards. The devices background applications have led to the use of a lot of battery power. The apple brand whose phone battery is internal and cannot be easily be removed has led to some problems if users want a change. Android devices on the other hand offer flexibility as users can easily change a phones battery. Apple in the iPhone 5 has also introduced 4G networking. Some android devices are also equipped with this feature and this has led to better data speeds in the devices. However, many android devices are not equipped to handle 4G networks and this has led to lower connectivity for subscribers. It should however be noted that the use of 4G networks depends on the service providers of the countries in which individual phone users reside. The technological advances in the markets have seen the improvement of the mobile devices market and have led to higher connectivity among people.

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